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We have an institutional regulation-forward mindset in a market of individual traders and bring scale to real-time market research. With a strong focus on digital assets and blockchain, we now have five fund sectors. FUND I and FUND II are internally raised capital, while FUND III is currently raising external capital and, DFG Crypto which, focuses solely on premium blockchain projects.
  • DFG
  • FUND I Initial size $15M Return: 20x AUM $300M
  • FUND II Initial size $80M Return: 3.16x AUM $253M
  • FUND III Target: $50M
  • DFG Crypto DFG's new token fund
FUND I - Secondary Market Digital Asset Investment

Established: 2015 Fund Size: $15M AUM: $300M Return: 20x


Diverse portfolio including toptier tokens such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ethereum Classic, among others.

  • • December 2018: Fund I returned 9.8%, while CCI Index dropped by 9.35%.
  • • Through November 2018: Fund I has retained gains of +400%. Over the same period, CCI Index dropped 350% and the market declined 80%.
  • • April 2018: Added EOS as part of the Super Node Campaign which returned over 100%.
  • • January 2018: We anticipated the price decline because of exchange activity and social media sentiment in Asia and thus, reduced holdings of BTC & ETH while increasing our stable coin position.
  • • Since June 2017: Fund I has earned net gains of 427%, beating the CCI Index by 370%.
FUND II - Primary Market Equity Investment

Fund Size: $80M AUM:$253M Return: Over 200% within 2 years





Achieve growth through investments in blockchain infrastructure & application including exchanges, wallets and payment systems.

FUND III - Secondary Market Digital Asset Investment
(Fundraising in Progress)

Target: $50M Launch Date: June, 2019 Type: Open-Ended Active Initial Holding Period: 3 Months Structure: Hedge Fund

DFG successfully started its second overseas crypto asset hedge fund (Fund III) in 2019, which will significantly increase the investment proportion in quant strategies and is continuously raising funds.

DFG Crypto

The first two funds of DFG have made significant returns. In order to perfect the closed loop of DFG’s ecosystem, a new token fund, DFG Crypto, was established, which focuses on blockchain investments.


DFG Crypto focuses on native blockchain projects including traffic entry projects, trading projects, and projects across the world with outstanding technical capabilities. With the powerful ecological advantages and collaborative resources in the blockchain industry, DFG can better help projects with incubation and operations, while enabling domestic investors to participate in the investments overseas high-quality projects.

  • ripio
  • bloq
  • circle
  • purse
  • ledgerx
  • brave
  • yours
  • unocoin
  • satoshipay
  • popchest
  • rsk
  • polkadot
  • bitcoin
  • ethereumclassic
  • ethereum

labs DFG provides strong support to ETC Labs and the core development team.

Ethereum Classic Labs Accelerator provides technical support for blockchain and digital asset startups from the ETC developer community. Each project receives mentorship and support for business strategy, venture funding development, networking, and investor introductions.

Teams receive support on a weekly basis for 3 – 6 months focusing on business strategy, Ethereum Classic and blockchain tooling, pitch polishing, networking, and introductions. The remote sessions include 1:1 check-ins and office hours with ETC mentors.


Team Members
  • James Wo James Wo
  • Terry Culver Terry Culver
  • Elizabeth Kukka Elizabeth Kukka
  • Shawn Chong Shawn Chong
  • Jessica Smith Jessica Smith
  • Kelsey Ruiz Kelsey Ruiz
  • Danny Duong Danny Duong
Service Providers
  • zendesk
  • hubspot
  • ibm
  • aws
  • digitalocean
  • unicef
  • beyond
  • first
  • equa
  • kairon
  • pal
  • Capital Support
  • Desk Space
  • Business Strategy
  • Mentorship
  • Access to Core Dev Team
  • Networking

Cohort I
  • anylog
  • button
  • cryzen
  • monetizr
  • morignal
  • scanta
  • statwic
  • slips
  • vrex
Cohort II
  • oscity
  • pulse
  • saldo
  • second
  • whiteblock
  • telemesh
Cohort III
Program Duration: Feb 10th, 2020 - Ongoing
ETC Core
ETC Core blockchain expert developers are leaders on building with the tools in the Ethereum Classic protocol Tooling

Using fundamental specifications, tooling suites, and resources, ETC Core delivers open-source tooling for the Ethereum Classic ecosystem.


ETC Core actively supports the development of the ETC protocol and champions improvement specifications for adoption and maintaining Multi-Geth.


ETC Core is committed to maximizing the capabilities of the EthereumStack through the EVM-LLVM project and compiler improvement initiatives.

Team Members
  • Constantine Kryvomaz
    Constantine Kryvomaz Lead IoT Developer
  • Meowbits
    Meowbits Lead Client Developer
  • Shane Jonas
    Shane Jonas Co-Lead Tooling Developer
  • Stevan Lohja
    Stevan Lohja Technology Coordinator
  • Zachary Belford
    Zachary Belford Co-Lead Tooling Developer
  • Alan Li
    Alan Li Lead Compiler Engineer
  • Talha Cross
    Talha Cross Client Developer
  • Zane Starr
    Zane Starr Tooling Developer
  • Tomasz Zdybal
    Tomasz Zdybal Client Developer