Overseas Funds

DFG established the Group's first overseas crypto asset hedge fund (FUND I) in 2015. The investment team achieved substantial gains through solid fundamentals, data analyses, and accurate grasp of major market events and cyclical opportunities.
DFG established the Group's first overseas blockchain private equity investment fund (FUND II) in 2016, and invested in excellent companies including Circle, LedgerX, RSK, Brave and more. The portfolio performance of the invested companies is extraordinary with successful exits of some projects. The fund has achieved overall profitability.
After experiencing huge fluctuations in the price of crypto assets in 2018, DFG successfully established the Group's second overseas crypto asset hedge fund (FUND III) in early 2019. The fund will significantly increase the proportion of investment in quantitative strategies, and is continuously raising funds.
DFG's second overseas equity investment fund (FUND IV) is under preparation and is expected to be lauched in the second half of 2019.

Chinese Domestic Fund

DFG's private equity investment fund mainly focuses on:

Big Data


Artificial Intelligence

DFG intends to issue the first private equity investment fund in China. It will actively carry out capital operations around the top enterprises of innovative technologies and key areas, and increase enterprise value through post-investment management and integration of industry resources. With mergers, acquisitions, listings, and transfers of old shares, the company will share the premium of technology evolvement with investors.