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About DFG

Founded in Silicon Valley (2015), Digital Finance Group is headquartered in Singapore and focuses on cryptocurrencies, digital assets and blockchain technology, with a preference for first-class blockchain projects in the United States. Since 2017, DFG accelerated its internationalization by executing its Singapore-centered global market strategy and has successfully become a globally operated company with over 200 employees.

DFG is managing over $550M A.U.M. to date, among which, the size of primary market assets is over 250 million USD, and secondary market assets is over 300 million USD. DFG’s portfolio includes, early investments such as Bloq, Brave Browser, Ledger X and Circle among others. This group has grown to become part of the world's top blockchain projects, representing the latest developments in blockchain infrastructures, regulated exchanges, ecosystem development and other branch areas. DFG's forward-looking venture vision has enabled significant returns on investment for DFG and its partners.

To this day, DFG runs Matrix, a regulated cryptocurrency exchange that has received an In-Principle Approval (IPA) from the Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA) of Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM). In the future, under the supervision of FSRA, Matrix will be able to provide users with trading and custody services for digital assets. In addition, DFG is also on track to obtain a fund management license from the ADGM, licenses on spot exchange and custody in Bermuda, as well as a custody license in South Dakota, USA.

Furthermore, DFG has contributed significantly to the technology development and community building of ETC through investment, donation and technical support.

About DFG US

In April 2018, DFG established an incubator program for blockchain projects in San Francisco, California. In July of that same year, DFG’s incubator project in the US, ETC Labs, formally appointed Terry Culver, SIPA Associate Dean of Columbia, as CEO, and Dr. James E. Newsome, former Chairman of the CFTC, as Advisor. At the beginning of 2019, with full support from ETC Labs, the brand new ETC Core Dev Team became operational.